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Online Silo Scale

Manage silo contents online

You have placed your silos on load cells or determine the silo contents with modern level measuring devices.
With the Heavy Data scale cloud, you can manage the silo contents centrally, even at decentralized locations, easily and cost-effectively and without expensive investments in your own IT infrastructure.
We provide you with the IT infrastructure in the cloud and connect the silos to the Internet via mobile communications at low cost. All you need is a PC with Internet access to access the silo content online - anytime, anywhere.

Benefit of the silo contents in the cloud

  • Save working time and relieve your employees from tedious routine tasks
    • Inventory at the push of a button
    • Be automatically informed by e-mail if minimum quantities are not reached, so that you can order replenishment or trigger an automatic reorder with your supplier right away

  • Avoid errors due to manual data transmission
    The simple automated transmission of the measured data and the linking with other programs in the cloud avoids the error-proneness of a manual data transmission.

  • Optimize route planning for subsequent deliveries, saving costs and reducing environmental impact
    With the current silo contents, you can optimize silo replenishments and send silo vehicles on the road with exactly the right quantities

  • Speed up your purchasing processes and make the most of unique purchasing opportunities
    Make the most of special offers on commodity exchanges by knowing which silo capacities are currently available

  • Optimize collaboration with your customers/suppliers by sharing data stored in the cloud
    Data stored in the cloud can be easily shared across departments and companies, replacing costly individual and error-prone reconciliation processes

  • Currently, we have ready-made solution packages to connect your silo scale to the cloud easily, quickly and cost-effectively.
    On request, we are also happy to connect level measuring devices to the cloud if they provide us with the current level via an electronic interface.


Steel vessels

Dashboard Heavy Data Online-Silo ( Example displayed by an up to date Internet browser)

Silo 850

 Time selection of the data

Click on the clock icon and then set the desired time period.

Visualization of silo contents

- Content above 1st limit is displayed green
- Content below 1st limit and above 2nd limit is displayed orange
- Content below 2nd limit is displayed red

Alarm function

Alarm messages can be sent by e-mail if the contents fall below limit values.

Stock overviews

Several silos can be displayed as an overview on one page.

Historical data

The chronological course of the silo content is displayed as a line diagram. Withdrawals are visualized in the form of a bar chart.


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