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We digitize your scale and warehouse processes

We digitize your scale and warehouse processes

How warehouse logistics 4.0 works
with the scale cloud

Heavy Data -the simple way to digitize your
scale applications

We offer you quickly implementable and practically proven Industry 4.0 processes for your scale applications. Our Heavy Data scale cloud forms the flexible basis for the digital networking of all scales in your company.

  • Simple, fast and cost-effective to implement
  • Digitization of existing weighing systems (retrofit)
  • Weighing data available online at any time
  • Automated data acquisition - no manual input necessary

How warehouse logistics 4.0 works
with the scale cloud

Network your weighing terminals and weighing processes with Heavy Data's IoT infrastructure

Benefits of the Heavy Data IoT Cloud


Take advantage of our affordable cloud offerings to digitize your weighing processes. Take the opportunity to be there from the beginning and influence the further development of the Heavy-Data scale cloud.

  • Use our support to digitize your weighing application with modern IoT-Tools

  • The Heavy Data Cloud also enables small and medium-sized enterprises to become part of the Industry 4.0 family and stay one step ahead of the competition

  • Heavy Data supports both scale users in digitizing their weighing applications and weighing equipment manufacturers in developing their own IoT-enabled devices
  • Pilot projects can be implemented with a small budget.

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What do you need to connect your scale to the Heavy Data Cloud?

Heavy-Data Gateway

HeavyData WaagenCloud
heavy data gateway

The Heavy Data IoT Gateway - the elegant connection between the scale and the cloud.

The Heavy Data Gateway collects the weight data via the serial interface on the weighing terminal and sends it via the Internet to the Heavy Data scale cloud. The connection to the Internet works just as well wired via Ethernet as alternatively via a mobile network.


heavy data gateway

Your access to the Heavy Data Scale-Cloud - your online control center.

With a Heavy Data scale cloud account, you can easily access the weight data via an internet browser. Access is password protected. You pay per scale and get unlimited access for your staff.